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California Camping

By Kombi Campers on June 17, 2016

The California sleeps four people in two beds, one of which is created by folding the sliding rear bench flat, while the other is available “upstairs” by popping up the roof.  Our California’s (Finch and Skye) both have a two-hob gas stove, a fridge and a sink as well as many storage compartments for clothes, food and pots and pans. Once inside the California you’ll also be amazed at its use of space, clever interior design means that you’ll never feel too cramped; with swiveling front seats, pop away tables and upstairs sleeping quarters mean that the four person capacity isn’t met at the expense of comfortable living space. Say for example you want to stop for a quick cup of tea or coffee or maybe even prepare a meal; spin the driver and passenger seats round to face the rear cabin, slide out the dining table and switch on the gas, and you can be brewing a cup of tea or preparing dinner within minutes. Furthermore for those who like to carry their tech and/or media on the go the California has an electric mains socket meaning that, at campsites which offer electricity, you can enjoy a film with the family without draining any of the Camper’s 12V battery.

Driving the vehicle isn’t anywhere near as dull as it would be behind the wheel of a full-size motorhome, and you’ll not find queues of traffic behind waiting for an opportunity to get past. Indeed, with 251lb ft of torque available, safe overtaking of slower vehicles is more than possible. In contrast to a big motorhome, the California is easy to manoeuvre around towns and finding a parking space isn’t any more difficult than it would be in a large car. Motorway cruising is the California’s forte. With a high driving position, good all-round visibility and comfortable arm chair-style heated front seats as standard, long journeys are a doddle. Thanks to sturdy build quality there’s little noticeable wind and road noise, and so it’s a surprisingly refined experience behind the wheel.

The California Camper offers more space than the older models, as well as more speed, manoeuvrability and practicality. This vehicle truly is at home on long stretches of open roads, cruising through country sides and between mountain tops. The T5 model is perfect for families as well as intrepid adventurers or those looking for a mobile home for a week without any of the cumbersome downsides that comes with other motorhomes. With the NC500 proving popular at this time of year as many motorists flock to take in the breath-taking journey there really is no better vehicle to tackle the NC500 in. Its functionality is endless, its ride is smoother than any other vehicle in this kind of market and you’ll be the envy at every campsite and every other mobile home that you pass. We ourselves have two California Camper models, Finch and Skye, take a look at the availability and see just how fantastic the California Camper is!




1968cc, 4-cylinder diesel


138bhp @ 3500rpm


251 lb ft @ 1750-2500rpm


6-speed manual


0-62mph in 15.7sec

Top speed:



39.2mpg combined