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Posted in June 2016


Meet Lewis

By Kombi Campers on June 29, 2016

Although here at KombiCampers we are very passionate about out older, classic camper van models, we’re also just as proud as our newer ones too. We recently acquired a VW Transporter which has been converted into a camper van and we’d love to tell you what makes Lewis so special.

Dunrobin Castle

Scotland's Northern Castles and Forts

By Kombi Campers on June 27, 2016

Scotland is synonymous with historic buildings; our land is full of ancient buildings steeped in a rich history that over the years has seen monarchies come and go as well as play home to strategic points in World Wars. In this blog post we look at some of Scotland’s most northerly buildings which hold such rich history. All of which are easily accessible if you are taking the North Coast 500, a route which we have been highly recommending to those coming to visit.

Sunset at Achmelvich

North Coast 500: Stunning sand and sea!

By Kombi Campers on June 20, 2016

The North Coast 500 is one amazing stretch of road there really is just an overwhelming amount of things to do. With Scotland on track to having one of the hottest summers in years we thought we’d take this chance to highlight some of the best beaches along Scotland’s best stretch of tarmac. Whether it’s surfing you’re interested in or just a wee dip in the sea, these beautiful beaches cater to every experience!


California Camping

By Kombi Campers on June 17, 2016

Although we all love the classic VW Campervans, with their cutesy looks and vintage design, the truth is that the good old folks over at Volkswagen have built on what made the old campers so successful. In fact the California Camper is superior in almost every way, read on to find out why that is!


Scotland's Forests

By Kombi Campers on June 15, 2016

What is it about forests that are so enticing to us? Is it the sound the wind makes when it rustles through the leaves? The sound of birds calling to one another atop the forest canopy? Or is it simply the peace and quiet that can be found; the slower pace that life moves at whilst walking through the undergrowth? Whatever your reason may be there’s no denying the alluring power of forests and in Scotland we’re fortunate enough to have some magical woodland areas of our own.