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Kombi Campers

Kombi Campers is a small, family run business passionate about VW campers and helping our customers have amazing holidays and adventures. All the campervans have their own unique personality, style and range of features.

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Scotland's Forests

By Kombi Campers on June 15, 2016

What is it about forests that are so enticing to us? Is it the sound the wind makes when it rustles through the leaves? The sound of birds calling to one another atop the forest canopy? Or is it simply the peace and quiet that can be found; the slower pace that life moves at whilst walking through the undergrowth? Whatever your reason may be there’s no denying the alluring power of forests and in Scotland we’re fortunate enough to have some magical woodland areas of our own.


Scotland's West Coast: Tiree

By Kombi Campers on June 13, 2016

The Isle of Tiree is the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides, with a mild climate and white sand beaches. The charming Isle of Tiree is the most westerly of the Inner Hebridean islands and at about 12 miles long and three miles wide, it’s relatively small. The landscape of Tiree is rather flat and has been described as ‘a raised beach’ and ‘the land below the waves’. The island is also known for its fertile soils and has a strong crofting heritage. This small island might not sound like much but with warm waters, strong winds and lots of history there’s no shortage of exciting things to see and do.


The Highland Games

By Kombi Campers on June 10, 2016

What do you get when you take international athletes, local communities and visitors at a Highland games in Scotland? A warm welcome and a cracking family-friendly day out! With traditional heavy going events like tug-o-war and the caber toss, as well as Highland dance competitions, track and field events, and piping, the games are a spectacle like no other. And it all takes place against a scenic Scottish backdrop. What more could you want?


Scotland's West Coast Whisky Distilleries

By Kombi Campers on June 6, 2016

When you think about taking a trip around Scotland and some of the things you can do, there always seem to be a few experiences that get brought up. One of those is taking a trip to one of many of Scotland’s famous whisky distilleries; and for good reason. Whisky is drank the world over and those made in Scotland are especially sought after due to our rich history of producing whisky as well as the quality that we produce. So whether you’re interested in sampling a few drams or whether you’re just interested in the process involved we’ve compiled a small list of some of the best distilleries along Scotland’s west coast; from the Isle of Arran to the Isle of Skye.


North Coast 500

By Kombi Campers on June 2, 2016

When you think of some of the best roads in the world to go on a road trip your mind may first go to such places as Route 66 in America or perhaps the Pan Am America Highway which starts in Patagonia. Whilst these roads are world famous Scotland has its own route that is quickly becoming tipped as a hot destination for all those who love nothing more than scenic open roads. The route I’m talking about of course is the North Coast 500 which was recently named one of the top coastal roads in the world.

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